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Our trip video! March 18, 2010

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So since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I only finished this video a couple days ago, I figured it would be appropriate to share it with you now…

Jared and I decided to take a longer trip over the summer of ’09 and visit some places we’d always wanted to go. Some of the best advice we’ve gotten from married couples about marriage is to make good memories the first few years. Since we don’t have kids yet, now is the time to explore the world together. We chose Ireland because that’s a place we both have wanted to go for a long time. We decided on the Netherlands because I still have family there – and so we could “discover my roots” hah! And we thought the history of Berlin would be cool to see as well. We definitely had some fun adventures as you will see through this video. We just brought our “handycam” video camera which we hand held so excuse the lack of quality and the bumps! hah 🙂


So with this new blog I seem to be having problems with posting videos so until I get that kink worked out, you can see the video on SidebySide: click here



Quick Summer 2009 Movie Reviews September 27, 2009

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Now that summer is over I thought it would be a fun time to look back at the movies that we saw. I have made it very easy to read–enjoy and rent accordingly.

Star Trek
Man points: 9.8 / 10
Fun & engaging story that keeps moving at a good pace, good actors, amazing special effects.

Chick points: 9.0 / 10
My wife liked Star Trek almost as much as me? What a movie!

Nerd points: 10 / 10
Hey, it’s Star Trek–set phasers on awesome! bzzz!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Man points: 5.5 / 10
The story sucked, the special effects sucked, the acting sucked… ummm… yeah. At least he still has claws.

Chick points: 5.5
Loved the first two X-Men movies and was hoping for a return to form. More like the third movie (which was not very good).

Nerd points: 8.5 / 10
It’s based on a comic book, has fights, and chicks.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Man points: 6.0 / 10
I don’t like to admit I enjoy Harry Potter… but I do. However, this movie did not need to be made. Lacked direction and any sense of conflict. The entire story could have been condensed down to fit at the end of the last last movie or the start of the next one.

Chick points: 6.0 / 10
Ron’s just not very cute anymore and makes the same comic “zoinks” face way too much.

Nerd points: 9.0 / 10
It’s Harry Potter. Plus he finally kisses Genny in what is a very moving and possibly illegal scene.

The Proposal
Man points: 8.7 / 10
Let’s get one thing straight (besides me)–it’s ok to like chick flicks! I scored this one a 9.7 because it had Ryan Reynolds in it. However, I did have to drop it a whole point because it also had Sandra Bullock in it.

Chick points: 9.0 / 10
Funny, and not a super-sappy chick flick. Jared enjoyed it about as much as me. Not the typical cheese-fest chick flick.

Nerd points: 4.0 / 10
It has Ryan Reynolds in it but needs more space ships and Mr. Spock.

Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen
Man points: 7.8 / 10
Um, it was loud? Ok, it had some great action and special effects. The story was weak and it had some of the most annoying Transformers that Michael Bay could invent–think Jar Jar Binks if Lucas had made him more annoying and given him crack.

Chick points: ? / 10
My wife loved the first movie but didn’t see this one with me–just me and Kurt.

Nerd points: 8.8 / 10
Still don’t have the right paint job for Optimus Prime you loser Michael Bay!

Man points: 9.2 / 10
Good fun movie that everyone can enjoy. Pixar’s got it’s normal brand of humor and tender moments working well here.

Chick points: 9.5 / 10
Has a sweet story with funny elements. Interesting look at the life of this old, lonely man.

Nerd points: 9.0 / 10
It’s animated with computers!



a common equation June 11, 2009

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I can’t forget about the best part of any party that my brother’s at!
Tyler + Karaoke + booze = The Devil Went Down to Georgia
…every time
And please excuse the horrible video quality!! This is video from my still camera and I’m just holding it and laughing..oh and I had had a couple drinks 🙂

Vlog February 17, 2009

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So since we had today off work, we went ahead and put together a quick little video of our trip. It’s pretty random, so excuse the silliness…but really, what can you expect from us?Anyway, enjoy!


Photo Friday #6 February 13, 2009

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I try to mostly keep the business and personal blogs what they are, but I do want to say I’m pretty excited about how our highlight video turned out 🙂 Also, I’ve been doing some updates on that blog but we’re starting over again…The gentleman”s working on a new look for the blog so stay tuned for that!!!

Happy Valentine’s weekend, hope it’s happy.


Infomercials January 29, 2009

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2008 Video Christmas Card December 25, 2008

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So we have our very own tradition of video Christmas cards. If you did not know us last year or didn’t see it, you can click here to watch last year’s!


Here’s this year’s!



Off you go! October 30, 2008

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I thought this video was hilarious!! A little comic relief as we look forward to the election:


Don’t Vote Video October 6, 2008

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WOW! I had no idea that celebrities were so smart and we were so stupid! Gosh, and you’re right, I didn’t know that I had to register to vote, wow!

This is the most insulting video about voting I’ve ever seen:

But seriously, you know you gotta vote, right?


Batman July 18, 2008

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Normally we’re not people who are up incredibly late, but when there’s a movie we know will deliver, we’re willing to do it! We went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, last night. Did it deliver you might ask?? YES, yes it did!

I won’t spoil anything, just want to thank Christopher Nolan for deciding that the Batman series needed a little re-doing. If you haven’t seen Batman Begins, definitely look into it and then follow it with this one, they are amazing.

I was also very surprised with the hundreds and hundreds of people also watching the midnight showing. I hate when I pay $10 for a movie only to have the experience ruined by people who want to talk through the whole thing. But last night, when the first credit came on, everyone cheered, then were silent for the entire movie, no cell phones or anything, it was amazing. Everyone was so respectful of each other (either that or tired). All in all, great movie experience and well worth my $10!

If you saw it, what did you think?