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Lately… June 15, 2009

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Lately –

we’ve been tempted to work on our house
we’ve been too busy with editing to be able to work on our house
we’ve noticed we have a bird that likes to slam into one of the office windows (he really wants to come in i think)
we’ve had a flood in the bathroom
we’ve found a huge beetle (about 2 1/2 inches long!)
we’ve seen lots of bunnies running around our backyard
we’ve bought plane tickets
we’ve been to a funeral
we’ve been to a wedding
we’ve held a newborn
we’ve watched some good movies
we’ve watched some crappy movies
we’ve been to the fair
we’ve felt blessed

needless to say…lately we’ve been busy! i think the saying is true “when it rains it pours” because everything has seemed to hit all at once… but we should be catching up over the summer and by fall our lives will be much calmer (i hope!)


Photo Friday #21 & #22 June 6, 2009

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Finally!!! More house pictures…I guess I changed something in my camera and that’s why some of them aren’t rotating…I’ve since fixed that problem but am too lazy to edit these pics, sorry!
Ok so first here’s the hall with the freshly painted walls and new trim/baseboards. The last post had the floor all covered up, there is nice cherry wood on the floor. We left that because of course you want to be able to slide down the hall in socks!
Here’s one of the rooms with new paint/trim/baseboards/fan and the beginnings of new carpet. (don’t worry, that’s not the color we picked, just the pad!)

Here’s the office/studio (former garage) with new carpet! New carpet feels so good between your toes. The old carpet smelled like animal urine, haha.

The progress in the laundry room…the grout makes quite a mess

The guest bath tiled but not grouted

and the master bath, with finished tile and a new vanity! we only had to go a week without a bathroom 🙂 (luckily we still had the old place for a week to shower – so our mornings were a bit crazy)

And after we moved in, we had a mini celebration, some champagne and strawberries 🙂

House progress May 22, 2009

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So we’re already all moved in and a lot of this stuff is already finished, but I figured I’d still post some of the progress pictures since they’re fun.
Here’s the future laundry room. There were some really crappy shelves and awful wood paneling all over the walls so that got ripped out and drywall went up.
The window in the master almost done
We decided to rip out the wood (i know, i know) and put in carpet so we could lounge around in the living room. The wood was really dark and showed every bit of dust. We did leave it in the hallway though.
The painting starts! The color doesn’t really look like this, the blue makes it look weird in the pic.
Dad cutting out trim and baseboards
progress in the laundry room
The hall paint and trim (this picture didn’t rotate for some reason)
Last but not least, The gentleman’s new toy!! Since we have a yard now we needed a lawn mower. He always looks at me like I’m crazy when I say, “let’s stop at that garage sale” but finally I got him to stop at one and check it out! Brand new in the box at a garage sale price!

Photo Friday #17 May 3, 2009

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“It’s going to look worse before it looks better.”
That’s definitely our current motto for the house. We’ve done a lot of demo and have started putting things back together. Just about one more week and we should be ready to move in!!!
Here are the “worse” pictures. I’ll update the “better” pictures soon:
Here’s my dad, hard at work:
Here are my brothers doing a fine masking job:
The gentleman and N8…not so hard at work 😉 and our ripped out baseboard and trim pile:
The beginnings of a new window, done by N8 and his dad:
The people who lived here before were kinda nasty…so I’m actually cleaning grease off the walls and ceiling so my dad can paint it, yuck!
Demo-ing [nasty] carpet and realizing there was some awesome fake wood tile stuff underneath. Maybe we should keep that?
Starting to demo the guest bath. The wood paneling on the floor was water damaged (really? water damaged in the bathroom!?!? go figure)

Demo is done in the master bath and ready for tile!
The back side of the house. We replaced that large transparent window with a smaller opaque one. Much more “bathroom friendly”, hah.
got the window in!
My brother and the gentleman had some down time so they started putting our pile of rocks (there was a rather large pile of rocks in the side yard) to use…looking good!
Well, that’s it for now. I’ll post more as we go on!

House Pics April 6, 2009

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Ok, here are some more pictures of the house!! I will call these “before” pictures and hopefully get some “after” pictures once we get in there and make some improvements 🙂

So here’s the front of the house…obviously

The living room with fun vaulted ceilings

The ‘garage’ – well it used to be anyway. The people before converted it to a second living room and we’re going to use it as our office/studio! So if you need portraits…hint hint

The VERY overgrown backyard. The list agent said someone was supposed to be keeping up with it…that someone probably needs to be fired.

The view from the back…ahh, country living!

And…drum roll please…my very favorite part, the kitchen! It definitely doesn’t look like a 1972 house when you look at this room 🙂

We’ll keep you posted. As of now, we should be able to close mid April and move in Mid May, woot woot! Anyone want to rent our duplex after we’re gone? Our landlords have been really awesome and we want someone awesome to take over.


New blog favs. February 3, 2009

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So recently (right around the time I came across the videos a couple posts ago) I also came across 2 blogs that I can’t get enough of! Please explore a few pages of these blogs…there is some good stuff in there and will definitely brighten your day 🙂

#1 – Fail Blog
Here is an example of what you would find on the site. I like it because of how simple it is. FAIL, that’s awesome! Plus, many of the pictures remind me of signs I saw in Asia, misspelled or not making sense.

#2 – Cake Wrecks
This blog is all about cakes that have gone wrong…but not just any cakes, professional ones! There are so many I could post about, but since I’m in the wedding business, I’ll have to post a picture of THE BEST WEDDING CAKE EVER! Here you go, and you’re welcome.


Today’s the Day November 4, 2008

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So after all the campaigning, bickering, fighting, and arguing, the day has arrived where we actually make a decision. Say what you want about all the drama, but the idea of voting is so cool! We all have our chance to vote for who and what we want. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain because after it’s all said and done, it’s at least fair. We’ve all had our chance to study the issues and learn about what is best for our country and we get to decide together, as one country. So even in the frustration and the certain people you can’t discuss politics with, at least we all have our chance to voice what we think. Of course I care about who and what I want for the country but I’m only one person and at least I did my part and voted…

Happy voting!


Off you go! October 30, 2008

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I thought this video was hilarious!! A little comic relief as we look forward to the election:


how to decorate for fall with less than $5 October 8, 2008

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They are really cheap and you can get them in just about any grocery store. If you’re like me and want to decorate for holidays but just don’t want to spend a ton of money to do it and don’t have the year-round storage space, then this is the way to go! They’re colorful, they’re Autumn-y, they’re cheap and you can throw them out when you’re done with them.

I especially like all the different kinds there are and how they each have their own character. Now, if only they were edible, then they would be even more useful!! And maybe I’ll even grow my own someday in that future garden I talked about in an earlier post, wahoo!

P.S. new post on SidebySide…check it out!!


Project – 1 September 20, 2008

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So I was thinking of keeping photo a day for the weekdays and something different on the weekends…maybe a project or recipe or something like that, stuff I can share, ideas and the like.


So, here’s project number 1!! This project was the gentleman”s idea actually. We had been looking for side tables for ages, and couldn’t find anything (that we liked) for under $70-80 each!! One day we were in TJMaxx just wandering around and we found these two tables. Now, these tables were UGLY! Don’t be misled by the below photo, this picture was taken after we sanded off all the ugly orangish/brownish quasi-stain that was so cheaply applied to it. It was hard to look past the exterior, but the tables were on clearance, $10 each and he thought, “hey, couldn’t we sand these down and paint them the color we want?” (probably not his exact words, but you get the idea) so we gladly brought them home, bought some paint and got to work!

Sanding them down was comedy. All we had to do was rub a little and all the stain came off. (Like I said, cheaply applied)
Then we added the first and second coat of the first color, a rust/goldenrod mix. This is the base color.

*sidenote* If you notice the Christmas tree behind me, don’t be alarmed, we did this project back in March…oh wait, no I guess you can be alarmed, you caught us, we did not throw our tree away until about April but not because we didn’t try. Our trash guys are picky and wouldn’t take anything that wasn’t in the bin, so it wasn’t until April that we got a saw and cut it up ourselves.

So after the first color, we brought out our second color, a reddish one to match our reddish Anthropologie linen napkins (on clearance for $1.50 by the way) we use decoratively in the living room. We brushed kind of hard so that the rust/goldenrod color would peek through a bit, though you probably can’t tell completely. You can see it better in person.
The final touch was to call dear old dad and ask if he had any finish glaze so that the paint wouldn’t chip. Of course he did because he’s my dad and is handy. I’ll have to do a post later on some of his projects, which are amazing by the way.
And there you have it! Two brand new side tables that look way better than they did and match our decor.


Ta Da!