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Our trip video! March 18, 2010

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So since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I only finished this video a couple days ago, I figured it would be appropriate to share it with you now…

Jared and I decided to take a longer trip over the summer of ’09 and visit some places we’d always wanted to go. Some of the best advice we’ve gotten from married couples about marriage is to make good memories the first few years. Since we don’t have kids yet, now is the time to explore the world together. We chose Ireland because that’s a place we both have wanted to go for a long time. We decided on the Netherlands because I still have family there – and so we could “discover my roots” hah! And we thought the history of Berlin would be cool to see as well. We definitely had some fun adventures as you will see through this video. We just brought our “handycam” video camera which we hand held so excuse the lack of quality and the bumps! hah 🙂


So with this new blog I seem to be having problems with posting videos so until I get that kink worked out, you can see the video on SidebySide: click here



Photo Friday #32 & #33 September 4, 2009

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We just got back from an awesome trip to Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. One of the best pieces of advice we got before we got married was to make lots of good memories in the first few years (and before kids) so that when you have difficult times you can always look back on those memories and remember good times.
So we’ve taken that to heart and have really tried to be intentional about doing fun dates, weekend trips, leading a missions trip together, and now this, a real vacation!!
We decided on Ireland because both of us had always wanted to go there! We knew we would be going to The Netherlands (to discover my roots, haha) to visit my great aunt and uncle so since we had to fly to mainland Europe anyway we figured we’d sqeeze one more spot in…so we flew to Berlin for a few days before going to visit the fam.


I’ll post some more pics with some stories soon (plus i posted a bunch on facebook), but for now, here are a few teasers:

The cliffs of Moher (pronounced Moore) – we were literally on the edge, if you look closely, you can see the tiny people in the distance to give you some perspective on how big these things are! It was kind of scary walking along here, but exhilerating all the same!

Our favorite place in Ireland was this city called Doolin (also where the cliffs are), we watched this glorious sunset the night we were there and just wondered at God’s creation 🙂

Anyway, stay tuned…more to come!


Photo Friday #24, 25 & 26 – i’m a bit behind July 10, 2009

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So almost a month later, here are 3 weeks worth of photo Friday so I’m doubling the pics hah. We’ve been working on house stuff and wedding videos so I think we have a good excuse…plus there are only about 3 people who actually read this blog so I’m not too worried 🙂
First off, the Del Mar Fair – our yearly free wine tasting fun!
The gentleman making fun of the ginormous crap you can win
Next up, Bottle Peak…the highest point in Escondido where you can see all of Escondido. Here we are with the newly engaged Tony and Fei!!
A word of advice…don’t go when it’s boiling hot like we did and don’t go when there is poison oak EVERYWHERE! I don’t know how but none of us got it!
Last, our country’s Independence Day. We took it easy and chilled with the Paulsons and some awesome carne asada and a not so awesome dessert (a new recipe I tried that looked delicious but didn’t taste quite right, I’m still not sure what happened! So no photo/recipe of that!)
Then we headed over to Grape Day Park (I’ve always gone to the SM show) and Ryan picked us a wonderful spot! The entire show was behind those trees. HAHA lovely!

Lately… June 15, 2009

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Lately –

we’ve been tempted to work on our house
we’ve been too busy with editing to be able to work on our house
we’ve noticed we have a bird that likes to slam into one of the office windows (he really wants to come in i think)
we’ve had a flood in the bathroom
we’ve found a huge beetle (about 2 1/2 inches long!)
we’ve seen lots of bunnies running around our backyard
we’ve bought plane tickets
we’ve been to a funeral
we’ve been to a wedding
we’ve held a newborn
we’ve watched some good movies
we’ve watched some crappy movies
we’ve been to the fair
we’ve felt blessed

needless to say…lately we’ve been busy! i think the saying is true “when it rains it pours” because everything has seemed to hit all at once… but we should be catching up over the summer and by fall our lives will be much calmer (i hope!)


Photo Friday #7 February 21, 2009

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So because the clip in the video is quick, I’ve had some people say that it wasn’t Jack Nicholson that we saw. So I’ve cropped the picture so you can take a closer look and see for yourself…

So, what’s the vote? Is it him or isn’t it?


Vlog February 17, 2009

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So since we had today off work, we went ahead and put together a quick little video of our trip. It’s pretty random, so excuse the silliness…but really, what can you expect from us?Anyway, enjoy!


Photo Friday #5 February 7, 2009

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So following in failblog’s footsteps, I had a “failure” of my own this week. The gentleman had bronchitis last week and I felt under the weather this week so I thought I’d stop by the Frazier Farms and grab a few soups. Chicken noodle sounded especially good to me but as I looked I had a really hard time finding anything that resembled chicken soup. Feeling rather bummed, I finally came across this lovely picture of soup! A minor success!


BUT, then I read the label, “No Chicken Noodle”…what?!?! So…hmm..

I looked for another few minutes and feeling rather “done”, I gave up and bought it anyway. Turns out, it means “no chicken” not “no chicken noodle”, it’s tofu. Whatever, it tasted close enough to chicken noodle. I guess that’s what you get at the health food stores!


Project – 1 September 20, 2008

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So I was thinking of keeping photo a day for the weekdays and something different on the weekends…maybe a project or recipe or something like that, stuff I can share, ideas and the like.


So, here’s project number 1!! This project was the gentleman”s idea actually. We had been looking for side tables for ages, and couldn’t find anything (that we liked) for under $70-80 each!! One day we were in TJMaxx just wandering around and we found these two tables. Now, these tables were UGLY! Don’t be misled by the below photo, this picture was taken after we sanded off all the ugly orangish/brownish quasi-stain that was so cheaply applied to it. It was hard to look past the exterior, but the tables were on clearance, $10 each and he thought, “hey, couldn’t we sand these down and paint them the color we want?” (probably not his exact words, but you get the idea) so we gladly brought them home, bought some paint and got to work!

Sanding them down was comedy. All we had to do was rub a little and all the stain came off. (Like I said, cheaply applied)
Then we added the first and second coat of the first color, a rust/goldenrod mix. This is the base color.

*sidenote* If you notice the Christmas tree behind me, don’t be alarmed, we did this project back in March…oh wait, no I guess you can be alarmed, you caught us, we did not throw our tree away until about April but not because we didn’t try. Our trash guys are picky and wouldn’t take anything that wasn’t in the bin, so it wasn’t until April that we got a saw and cut it up ourselves.

So after the first color, we brought out our second color, a reddish one to match our reddish Anthropologie linen napkins (on clearance for $1.50 by the way) we use decoratively in the living room. We brushed kind of hard so that the rust/goldenrod color would peek through a bit, though you probably can’t tell completely. You can see it better in person.
The final touch was to call dear old dad and ask if he had any finish glaze so that the paint wouldn’t chip. Of course he did because he’s my dad and is handy. I’ll have to do a post later on some of his projects, which are amazing by the way.
And there you have it! Two brand new side tables that look way better than they did and match our decor.


Ta Da!


Leaving Portugal September 4, 2008

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Ok, I think this will probably be the last post from Portugal…

A few more pictures, a video and a slide show 🙂
So the last night we were there we threw a festa (pronounced feshta) also known as a fiesta! We had brought ingredients for s’mores, we had glow sticks and music and we quickly made some paper decorations. It was not the best party, but throwing it together while we were there (and not knowing we’d do one in the first place) it wasn’t too bad. The s’mores were a hit!! None of them had even had marshmallows before so that was a treat. Also, no one knew how to eat them, and a few of them even asked if there was cheese in it!

That night was Armando’s last night (one of the camp directors). He took a group photo with us and told us that it was a blessing that we came. I guess last year a bunch of the kids got salmonella from eggs (most everything is donated to this camp so it was probably that the eggs were donated and probably not the highest of quality) and ended up in the hospital. The government wanted to shut them down and not allow the camp but ended up allowing it in the end. Then Armando and Vera didn’t want to even deal with it because of all the drama but since we were coming, they decided to make it work. They figured with our help they could make it happen this year. That was definitely a great thing to hear on our last night, feeling like we were useful during these two weeks.

The last day we pulled out a bunch of crafts and just hung out with the kids all morning. Paula brought her jewelry drill and drilled holes in a bunch of the shells we picked up over our time. Jackie and Paula made a bunch of necklaces and gave them all to the kids. The idea is that we are all unique, all different shapes and sizes but all in all, we are the same, we’re all shells together.

As we were about to leave, the kids gave us some paintings they had made for us and said that they would miss us.

We took a group picture and were off! We thought the goodbyes would be really sad and we would all cry but it seemed like the kids were ok with hugs and kisses and they didn’t get emotional at all. That made me sad later because I realized they are probably used to people leaving them in their lives. They also tease anyone who is emotional so no one wanted to cry for self-preservation! Poor kids!! I truly will miss them and pray for them as often as I can remember. Now I have faces and people I know that I can pray for and remember forever!

Here’s our slide show we put together. You will probably recognize photos I posted earlier but there are a bunch on here.

And here’s the video. I apologize for the weird layout, let me know if you want to see a full-quality video, come on over! Also, we’re doing a recap at the church on Sept. 14th at 12:30 under the chapel if you want to come.

p.s. totally unrelated but did anyone see the Sarah Palin speech tonight?? She’s pretty awesome I’ve decided.

Week 2 at Aldeia do Meco August 28, 2008

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Hey All,

So after our lovely weekend in Lisbon and Sintra, we headed back to the camp. The kids were pretty excited to see us, and we were excited to see what this new week would have for us. Because of all our scheduling problems and communication, we didn’t get to do as many activities as we had brought to do. So we decided in this second week that we would try and do a jam-packed craft and activity week! That and we were showing part 5 of the Jesus film and the wordless Bible.


The kids were really excited about all the crafts and it seemed like we couldn’t get enough out for them to do! But what was really interested was how excited they were to watch the Jesus film. It could be that they were excited about any movie we put in the player (like Chronicles of Narnia in English – they didn’t have any movies) or they were truly interested to know about it. I guess we’ll never know, but after each showing, we would ask them questions and talk about what it means that we are all sinners and what it means that Jesus came to save us from sin.


I think the most interesting moment for me was when I was listening to our translator Eva talk to these boys about the wordless Bible. She asked them if they had ever done anything wrong and they admitted they had. She asked if they believed that Jesus could take away sin, and they said they did. (Sounding good so far) But then she asked about specifics…will Jesus forgive us for a lie? YES! Will Jesus forgive us for hitting someone? YES! Will Jesus forgive us for killing someone? NO! So I think for them, it will take a lot of understanding that Jesus can truly love and forgive us unconditionally if we choose it but they have probably had so many people in their lives love them conditionally and love them for a while but then give them up again. It was really sad and eye-opening for me. And even if I wanted to with all my heart, I can’t love them unconditionally either, that’s why they need Jesus.


Now for some photos! I have one more Portugal post after this which will have the video and slide show! yippee!
We did devotionals together every morning and took turns leading them. This is the larger room where most everyone slept and where we did our morning and evening meetings. (and it’s where we made coffee during all hours of the day!)


Playing “Red Light, Green Light”, they loved learning this game! And they were incredibly strict about moving. Seriously, we could not even scratch our noses or we’d have to go back to the beginning!


Painting nails was a big hit! They were very reciprocal about it too, we’d paint theirs and they’d paint ours right after. I had glitter all over my fingers for the rest of the week 🙂


The gentleman with Rafaela.


Jessica and me


Sarah and Catarina

N8 made friends with lots of the kids because he was out there all the time playing soccer!

Eva with the Pequininas (the itty bitties as I liked to call them) They were the best and were the most forgiving about language. They would just chatter away for the longest time.

Another Jessica and Paula. This girl was a trooper! She got a really bad sunburn on her face and someone put some cream on it which irritated it even more. She was miserable for a while until we could get it all off and put aloe on instead. Then she got pricked by a sea urchin, the lifeguard had to take all 3 “needles” out of her foot.

The beautiful praia (very similar to the Spanish Playa) The Atlantic water was pretty cold and the waves were strong and dangerous but the kids absolutely loved every beach day.

The gentleman took a bunch of really cool pictures like this, he’s just showing off 😉

This is my little Jessie (the 3rd Jessica of the bunch) and I think she looks like she could be my daughter. Couldn’t I just go back and bring her here in my suitcase?


And so here we are enjoying our last day at the beach. Ciao!