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Photo Friday #3 January 24, 2009

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So as I was going through a small box of memories I have on a book shelf, I came across this awesome memior. In this particular box, I have old ticket stubs, old work name tags and then this random photo. By looking closely I saw that the certificate is for Student of the Month. I’m guessing it was for the month of November based on the turkey die cut.

I’ll say, it’s a good thing I had good grades and the teachers liked me because I obviously didn’t know how to keep my eyes open for a picture!

Finding this forgotten picture this morning totally made my day!


3 Responses to “Photo Friday #3”

  1. yo mama Says:

    You got student of the month every year, and always within the first couple of months. I always wonder if the kids who never got it had their feelings hurt. Now we have the same thing at work, employee of the month, of the year, etc. Funny how things don’t change.

  2. Timmery Says:

    Look how cute you are, eyes open or closed! What a fun find-its nice to find mementos that help us remember sweet times from the past. Good for you!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Haha…can I say that I totally remember that outfit!?! So great 🙂

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