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meet mr. meowkins October 22, 2008

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So we got a little too excited about Halloween and carved pumpkins a little too early with Leslie and Jon. The gentleman and I worked on this one together, so meet Mr. Meowkins!


Unfortunately Mr. Meowkins met his untimely death just 4 days after we made him. Yeah, it happened fast!!!

The good news though, is that the gentleman didn’t cut open his finger like last year! We were at the E.R. until 3:30 am and of course, I could have just superglued it back together.


Oh well!


2 Responses to “meet mr. meowkins”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    ugh…pumpkin deaths are so disgusting.

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Also, you should tell Jason to read your blog because he and Afsoon just carved two pumpkins yesterday, a week before Halloween. They did make some roasted pumpkin seeds though that are pretty yummy.

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