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pondering life’s big questions October 3, 2008

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Do you really get a free Tootsie Roll POP when you get the Indian shooting the star?

I’ve always wondered that.


4 Responses to “pondering life’s big questions”

  1. Timmery Says:

    What?! I’ve never heard of such a thing! But then, that wouldn’t exactly surprise too many people either!

  2. -Tiffany Says:

    I saw you had a comment and wondered (before I ever knew…) what Timmery had to say? I, too, have wondered about that? I don’t know of anyone who has ever tried to “redeem” a free tootsie-pop because they had the indian shooting the star with his arrow! But I was always too shy…maybe even too afraid to ask!

  3. Rachel Says:

    I’m not sure if you really wanted an answer or not, but here: think at some point as a kid I had like 20 Indian-clad wrappers in a stack…I’m very disappointed in myself for never trying to redeem them!

  4. danielle Says:

    oh nice!! i actually did want to know if it was true 🙂

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