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Photo a day – 5 September 23, 2008

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Fall is my favorite time of year.

It is also the time of year, however, when California weather is most confusing. It’s wonderfully brisk in the morning and evening, scarf and sweater weather! But, pretty warm-hot in the afternoon. Such a predicament when choosing clothing for the day. So, the solution? Jeans, flip flops, tank top, sweater and scarf. I’m sure I look ridiculous but I don’t want to bring a change of clothing to work with me everyday.

Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Photo a day – 5”

  1. Sarah Elwer Says:

    I am doing the samething! It’s just that time of year

  2. Nadia Says:

    hehehe, how about don´t leave you classroom all day and that way you won´t feel the difference in weather?

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