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Our trip video! March 18, 2010

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So since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I only finished this video a couple days ago, I figured it would be appropriate to share it with you now…

Jared and I decided to take a longer trip over the summer of ’09 and visit some places we’d always wanted to go. Some of the best advice we’ve gotten from married couples about marriage is to make good memories the first few years. Since we don’t have kids yet, now is the time to explore the world together. We chose Ireland because that’s a place we both have wanted to go for a long time. We decided on the Netherlands because I still have family there – and so we could “discover my roots” hah! And we thought the history of Berlin would be cool to see as well. We definitely had some fun adventures as you will see through this video. We just brought our “handycam” video camera which we hand held so excuse the lack of quality and the bumps! hah ūüôā


So with this new blog I seem to be having problems with posting videos so until I get that kink worked out, you can see the video on SidebySide: click here



Where have we been? March 12, 2010

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Well, I planned on switching our blog over to wordpress a while ago and once I got started on it (and never finished it) I felt it pointless to keep writing blogs on the old blog so for all 3 of you who read this, sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long!

Welcome to the new and improved blog! We use wordpress for our business blogs so we figured we’d move our personal one that direction too.

I have TONS of blogs to catch up on, so you’ll be seeing much more of us from now on!

P.S. If you want to continue following us, please switch your RSS feed to this URL so that you’ll get the updates…thanks!!


Quick Summer 2009 Movie Reviews September 27, 2009

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Now that summer is over I thought it would be a fun time to look back at the movies that we saw. I have made it very easy to read–enjoy and rent accordingly.

Star Trek
Man points: 9.8 / 10
Fun & engaging story that keeps moving at a good pace, good actors, amazing special effects.

Chick points: 9.0 / 10
My wife liked Star Trek almost as much as me? What a movie!

Nerd points: 10 / 10
Hey, it’s Star Trek–set phasers on awesome! bzzz!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Man points: 5.5 / 10
The story sucked, the special effects sucked, the acting sucked… ummm… yeah. At least he still has claws.

Chick points: 5.5
Loved the first two X-Men movies and was hoping for a return to form. More like the third movie (which was not very good).

Nerd points: 8.5 / 10
It’s based on a comic book, has fights, and chicks.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Man points: 6.0 / 10
I don’t like to admit I enjoy Harry Potter… but I do. However, this movie did not need to be made. Lacked direction and any sense of conflict. The entire story could have been condensed down to fit at the end of the last last movie or the start of the next one.

Chick points: 6.0 / 10
Ron’s just not very cute anymore and makes the same comic “zoinks” face way too much.

Nerd points: 9.0 / 10
It’s Harry Potter. Plus he finally kisses Genny in what is a very moving and possibly illegal scene.

The Proposal
Man points: 8.7 / 10
Let’s get one thing straight (besides me)–it’s ok to like chick flicks! I scored this one a 9.7 because it had Ryan Reynolds in it. However, I did have to drop it a whole point because it also had Sandra Bullock in it.

Chick points: 9.0 / 10
Funny, and not a super-sappy chick flick. Jared enjoyed it about as much as me. Not the typical cheese-fest chick flick.

Nerd points: 4.0 / 10
It has Ryan Reynolds in it but needs more space ships and Mr. Spock.

Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen
Man points: 7.8 / 10
Um, it was loud? Ok, it had some great action and special effects. The story was weak and it had some of the most annoying Transformers that Michael Bay could invent–think Jar Jar Binks if Lucas had made him more annoying and given him crack.

Chick points: ? / 10
My wife loved the first movie but didn’t see this one with me–just me and Kurt.

Nerd points: 8.8 / 10
Still don’t have the right paint job for Optimus Prime you loser Michael Bay!

Man points: 9.2 / 10
Good fun movie that everyone can enjoy. Pixar’s got it’s normal brand of humor and tender moments working well here.

Chick points: 9.5 / 10
Has a sweet story with funny elements. Interesting look at the life of this old, lonely man.

Nerd points: 9.0 / 10
It’s animated with computers!



Photo Friday #32 & #33 September 4, 2009

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We just got back from an awesome trip to Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. One of the best pieces of advice we got before we got married was to make lots of good memories in the first few years (and before kids) so that when you have difficult times you can always look back on those memories and remember good times.
So we’ve taken that to heart and have really tried to be intentional about doing fun dates, weekend trips, leading a missions trip together, and now this, a real vacation!!
We decided on Ireland because both of us had always wanted to go there! We knew we would be going to The Netherlands (to discover my roots, haha) to visit my great aunt and uncle so since we had to fly to mainland Europe anyway we figured we’d sqeeze one more spot in…so we flew to Berlin for a few days before going to visit the fam.


I’ll post some more pics with some stories soon (plus i posted a bunch on facebook), but for now, here are a few teasers:

The cliffs of Moher (pronounced Moore) – we were literally on the edge, if you look closely, you can see the tiny people in the distance to give you some perspective on how big these things are! It was kind of scary walking along here, but exhilerating all the same!

Our favorite place in Ireland was this city called Doolin (also where the cliffs are), we watched this glorious sunset the night we were there and just wondered at God’s creation ūüôā

Anyway, stay tuned…more to come!


Photo Friday #31 August 14, 2009

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I was just looking through some old pics and realized that I’m horrible at posting pictures in a timely manner. We took this technically before our house was finalized but I’m sure glad we did because “they” (whoever they are) took it down fast! It’s funny to look at this pic again because I’m wearing long sleeves and a scarf…it obviously was before June when it got HOT!


Anyway, here’s to home ‘ownership’!


Photo Friday #29 & #30 August 7, 2009

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Baby time! A couple months ago, we were going to have dinner with our friends the Rose family. A couple hours before dinner we all decided that it would be great to have an impromptu infant session with their newborn. She is such a cutie. So to make up for being a week late with photo Friday, here are 3 of my favorites from the shoot. I’ll post more on my flickr when I get a chance…actually I haven’t been good about posting any of our photography stuff on here. We’re working on a new blog actually so when we get that up and running we’ll probably put more of the photo stuff on there.


So here’s a family photo with everyone (she wasn’t too happy about this one):

Here she is when she had woken up for a bit, such a pretty little girl:

And the token baby’s feet in daddy’s hands… the toes are so little!!

Well, enjoy and if you’re looking for baby photography or families, portraits, etc…, we’re doing that now along with our video business so send people our way!


WOW… July 28, 2009

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A while back, a friend of ours in our bible study had us pray for some friends of theirs who had lost their baby about a week before he was due. She had already had 3 miscarriages and then lost this fully grown baby right before he was going to be born. Well, I stumbled across their blog the other day and read just about every post and just sat there teary eyed and amazed at how God is keeping them strong throughout this whole process. Here I am posting a post from their blog from right after it happened. I ask myself, could I write something like this after such a tragedy? Do I really see my life as belonging to God and not myself? Could I be this strong? Praise God for this family and their encouragement to others who are going through far less!! Here’s their blog site if you’re interested in more (you’ll have to go back a bit to read about their loss because most of the recent posts are about the adoption process they are now currently going through):¬†

March 17th,                            

 To our dear friends and family.  There simply are no words to express the deep sorrow in our hearts.  Today our little boy, Titus, lost his heartbeat somewhere between this morning and this afternoon and went to be with Jesus.  This comes as such a shock to us all.  We have shared tears and prayers and joy from the very second he was discovered in Renee’s tummy.  We cannot express enough how grateful we are to have had the chance to be Titus’ mom and dad for these past 9 months, and truly count that as a blessing, and a deep honor.  We stand on the hope of the cross of Jesus, without His love, grace, and faithfulness, and His sovereignty, we have nothing.  These past weeks as we as a body have been in Philippians, I have thought so much about Paul’s words about sharing in the sufferings of Jesus.  We humbly, and obediently walk forward in this.  Our desire is to allow ourselves to feel the full weight of this tragedy, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and yet choose hope, choose rest, and choose to continue to glorify God with our lives and with our family.  Titus belongs to God.  We belong to God.  It is our deep prayer that this circumstance would leave such an echo of the realness and presence of Jesus in this world.  May He receive all glory, every minute of the way.  I pray for everyone we will come into contact with in this process, that the Holy Spirit would make Himself evident and that their lives will be saved for eternity in Christ, that is our only end in this life.

We want you to grieve with us and share our burdens, but be affirmed, Titus needs no grief for himself, he is in a better place, we hold tightly to that. The more despair you have on our behalf, even if well intended, will only make it harder for us.  We have the people we need to walk us through this. We appreciate your words and thoughts, but what we need is your prayers and your silence.  Thank you for honoring that, it is a difficult thing for me to write. 

Allow us room and space, and trust us to communicate our needs and wants as they come. As you can imagine, we are spinning.  Renee goes in tonight for a C-section, we don’t have any details as to what went wrong, and we may not.  We will communicate those to the church leadership as soon as we know.

I do not know what else to say.  We love you.  We know we are loved by you.  Thank you for being our family.  May His kingdom come and His will be done.

Feel free to pass this email along if you feel led to.  The more people that know, the better, and the less we have to explain the situation.

C.J. and Renee’

‚ÄúWe‚Äôll forever have stories to tell‚ÄĚ